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How Aggregation Perception Can Affect Your Life - Yahoo Voices

When the national home builder aggregates the satisfied-buyers numbers, it must look good for them. However, when the disgruntled, dissatisfied buyers of the builder aggregate the stories of shoddy construction, hardship and despair created by this builder, it doesn't look so good. A completely different perspective.

The national home builders must know the numbers. Surely they have mathematicians, statisticians who know St Albans Aggregates that aggregating the numbers will always make things look better. Likely there are thousands of buyers who can be carelessly discarded because the aggregate will still look good. What if those discarded 'outliers' can be ignored or intimidated or convinced they are the problem and silenced? Might that allow the home building to continue for decades with an occasional uprising of easily managed yet angry outliers? Perhaps those are the outliers the builder counts on.

But what about the outliers who cannot or will not shut up about their experiences? The outliers who invite other outliers to share their experiences on an electronic bulletin board? The outliers who comb the Internet for news and other stories about the national home builder? The outliers who seek legal intervention? The outliers who seek a Home Buyer Lemon Law? In this case, those outliers are met with a reportedly 90-count federal lawsuit; 70 counts of which are directed at the electronic BB admin. Sign up for a newly constructed home, end up in a lawsuit.

My article about big business bullies was previously published; apparently an accurate assessment of what is going on in corporate America. Recently, Marketplace on NPR aired a segment about aggression and bullying in the workplace. The guest speaker mentioned the very common practice of corporations rewarding aggressive behavior. This must be the 'business model' mentioned to me (in a previous post) by an attorney.

Aggregating the numbers benefits builders. Aggregating the stories (and evidence) benefits buyers who are seeking validation and repairs; or feedback from current and previous buyers. Outliers who shut up and go away benefit the builders. Outliers who won't shut up and won't go away will hopefully one day benefit the buyers and taxpayers who are forced to clean up this business model. Perception really is everything.

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