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How to Skip the Previews on a DVD - Yahoo Voices

I found this little hint a long time ago and I don't know how well known it is, but I've used it and it works on an estimated 85-90% of the DVD's I watch. I mostly rent new releases so this isn't just a cheap B-movie fix, it works on the high end movies as well. Just follow these simple steps and be watching your movie within a minute.

Insert the DVD.

Once the DVD starts, hit stop.

Press stop once more.

Press play.

You may still have to sit through the FBI warning, that happens on some DVD's. Some of them it will go straight to the movie, some it will go straight the DVD menu. I've found more times then not, it goes straight to the movie. The secret is pushing stop twice. If you only push it rubbish removal london once, it remembers where you left off, but if you hit it twice, it resets it. As long as you don't remove the disc, it assumes that you've watched the movie and are just starting it over.

I'm certainly no expert, I don't work with DVD's or the movie companies. I am a lover of movies who have watched a ton of them. I don't really know why it works, just that it does. I also don't know if it works on Blu-Ray or not. I know what I use, and that is regular DVD's.

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